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December 11, 2016 4:03 am

007, Skyfall Reigning Product Placement Virtuosos

Heineken, Audi, Sony, Adidas, Omega and Aston Martin . . . now there’s a psychographically targeted niche marketing cadre.  Anyone wearing a Walther concealed under their Brioni suit would be a likely consumer of these products.  But how do such brands strike a deal for this sort of placement?

According to, it took a mere $45 million for the brands in the latest Bond movie to garner the kind of exposure they’re looking for [LINK].   But, while we don’t have full details, it appears the products’ parent companies shell out these monies in the form of co-op marketing.  So they promote the film, while they get the placement – a win-win for both parties . . . and a win for advertising return on investment.  At last count, Skyfall will easily top a billion bucks in receipts . . . that’s alot of buckskins!

. . . and of course, apologies to Tom Ford about the Brioni remark 😉

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  1. I think there were a lot of different deals signed, depending on what the brand and producers were looking for from each other. Omega watches, for example, didn’t just get product placement in the film (Bond’s Omega Seamaster), they also produced a licensed Seamaster 007 Skyfall special edition model, which was quickly snapped up by film and watch collectors alike. That kind of deal, obviously, is a bit more involved than the mere placement of a product in the film for several frames.

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