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December 11, 2016 4:04 am

Budweiser Black Crown


Anheuser-Busch InBev officially says that it is launching its new specialty beer, Black Crown, an amber lager, with a special Super Bowl ad.  Advertising Age ran the scoop back in November, writing:  “The launch will likely be backed with significant marketing — possibly even a Super Bowl ad — as the brewer seeks to reverse the long-decline of the Budweiser franchise in the U.S. The move follows the launch in January of Bud Light Platinum, which at 6% alcohol by volume matches the ABV in Black Crown. By comparison, regular Budweiser is 5% ABV and regular Bud Light 4.2%.

In a statement to Ad Age, Budweiser Brand VP Rob McCarthy confirmed that Black Crown’s formula will be modeled after a limited-edition beer made earlier this year at AB InBev’s Los Angeles brewery. The brew was part of “Project 12,” in which brewmasters at 12 AB InBev breweries created their own small-batch “tribute” beers, each with a distinct style. “Though originally created in L.A., it’s a beer born out of the collaboration of all of Budweiser’s 12 brewmasters,” Mr. McCarthy said. ‘The beer is an amber lager that is a little darker than Budweiser, but is flavorful and like Bud very drinkable.'”  [Read more at]

Still the King of Beers?

Here’s a preview of the spot from YouTube:

Budweiser has long been famous for its advertising, going back to the late 19th Century: Budweiser ads from their own website.

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