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December 11, 2016 4:03 am

Lincoln Planning First Super Bowl Ad

It will be interesting to see what Lincoln comes up with for its first Super Bowl ad.  There’s been a fair amount of anticipation surrounding the relaunch of the brand.  Advertising agency WPP even created a new division to manage the brand in an avant-garde sort of way: HudsonRouge (LINK)

2013 lincoln mks

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According to Lincoln’s blog, “. . . When we sat down to develop ideas for an iconic commercial designed to reintroduce the Lincoln Motor Company to the world, we dug deep into our past to help inform our future. You could say that inspiration, that day, was in full swing.

We began with the man Lincoln was named for, the sixteenth President of the United States and our founder’s favorite, Abraham Lincoln. His insistence on doing what others weren’t was what helped him stand apart—an idea so deeply interwoven into the fabric of Lincoln that we’d be nowhere today without it.

Though Honest Abe wasn’t our only inspiration drawn from the Oval Office. In fact, our presidential precedence stems from a long history of chauffeuring our nation’s leaders, from the Lincoln V12 “Sunshine Special” favored by Roosevelt to various stretched and heavily armored Lincoln Continental Executive Limousines for a storied list of Presidents…..” (Lincoln Blog)

We’ll see how Lincoln looks during the big game on February 3rd….

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